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    New Class times! Starts June 2nd! Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:00 - 6:00 PM


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    Saturday get outta bed and come train at ELITE for only $5! Sessions go from 8-9AM and cover proper warm-up, general mobility, strength and injury prevention.

We are ELITE

Elite is a Sports Specific Athletic Development Facility located in Medina that specializes in training athletes for their specific sport to increase their power and speed as well as correct body impairments to achieve maximum success. We help create individual programs to help with mobility deficiencies, bio-mechanical imbalances, overall strength, endurance and injury prevention for maximum success for each individual athlete.

We have worked with Professional, National and collegiate caliber athletes from all around Northeast Ohio. ELITE’S team of trainers are nationally credited Strength and Conditioning Specialist that specialize in making sport specific programs that address overuse from the specific sport, provide muscular balance and stability. We work to define the bio-mechanics of the sport and then create symmetry.  Our Long Term Athletic Development program allows us to work with an athlete over the course of their training year promoting the constant growth and development during preseason, in-season, and off seasons.


We take care of YOU!

Our clients are the sole reason why we love our jobs, enjoy our time, and do not see this as “work.” We build relationships with families, and provide the services to keep them healthy and happy..

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