Elite Training Performance




Basketball Specific Speed Agility & Strength Training

In our one hour sessions, our basketball group training focus on preventing common basketball injuries, correcting biomechanical inefficiencies, and preparing these athletes to jump higher, change direction quicker, and sprint faster.  With specific work to improve first step quickness, strength, power, and vertical leap, learning how to land and jump efficiently in order to move around the court and their opponents with speed and quickness.  Increasing body awareness and confidence they work to stay ahead in the physical demands of basketball. This foundational training leads to a solid developed athlete ready to dominate on the court now and in the future.  Through the use of programmed movement training, core stability, balance, and fun along with specific coaching and feedback on movements these athletes will outperform their competition on the hardwood.

Winter High School Group Training Schedule (October 29th-March)


Mondays 6:30-7:30pm

Thursdays 5:45-6:45am

$100 for all sessions each month due at registration. Please register by emailing etpscheduling@gmail.com



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