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Girls Soccer Speed Agility & Strength Development Group

Girls Soccer Speed & Agility

As young soccer players begin to develop their skills with the ball it creates the need for a comprehensive strength and conditioning program.  In our years of developing middle school soccer players to now USWNT players looking to play for their country, our track record of building the quickest, most injury resistant, and strongest players on the field is unmatched.  Preparing for multiple game weekends and the rigors of year round soccer play, these athletes need to balance their soccer training with sports performance.  To be at the top of their game, this program will focus on developing symmetry between muscle groups with strength training, flexibility, speed mechanics, and core strength.  In addition to increasing speed, strength, and endurance, increased mobility for hips and ankles will allow increased kicking strength and striking power.  This program is designed to build athletes from middle school through high school preparing for collegiate play.

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