Elite Training Performance

Sports Training

We are sports training. We specialize in making sport specific programs that address overuse from the specific sport, provide muscular balance and stability. We work to define the biomechanics of the sport and then create symmetry. Once we have achieved this in our beginning stages of the program we progress to stability, strength, and power. These are all part of our yearly periodized specific Long Term Athletic Development. The long term athletic development program allows us to work with an athlete over the course of their training year promoting the constant growth and development during preseason, inseason, and off seasons.

For building youth to be competent, safe, and injury free throughout their athletic careers. We take care of the athlete from the first day they step on the field, to the day they hang up their cleats. – Our program is on Long Term Athletic Development

We develop great athletes. We educate and teach out athletes the fundamentals of movement, strength, and help them understand their body mechanics and lifting techniques. We push our athletes to higher levels of success through our progressive program of developing basic motor skills, stability, strength, and then power. It is within this progression that the athletes become focused on their skills, determined in their actions, and able to out work their opponents.

Elite training performance is exactly that.  We develop athletes from young ages and start with basic movement fundamentals, biomechanical analysis, muscle imbalances, and build stability.  We take athletes and improve upon their natural skills to create All Conference, All State, and Collegiate Athletes that dominate their sport.

We progress our athletes to multi-directional training and coach them on movement skills and lifting techniques.  Our training is about teaching, correcting, and building Elite level athletes.  We make average athletes elite and elite athletes superior.  Our backgrounds in education and exercise science allow us to teach our athletes how to be better.


We create a specific program for each athlete that will develop their speed, agility, and strength.  Motivation is developed through repeated success.  We provide the building blocks, and complete the building with championships, college scholarships, and opportunities that last a lifetime.


Being nationally certified as Strength and Conditioning Specialists, we provide a skill sets that allow us to take sports mechanics and create the specific programs that will develop the balance of sport specific strength, reduce the potential for injuries, and provide the opportunity for athletes to prove they are better.